Official 2015 College Football Thread


Grit and Grind
The #1 2017 QB flipped from Tenn to Clemson. 5* Hunter Johnson.
Lost a big DT from New Orleans too. Got him committed when he was 2-star. Now he is turning heads and getting more looks. Hard to get a kid out of Louisiana if LSU wants them.


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Word on the street is Hunter Henry may return but he got a high round draft grade.... Alex Collins/Denver Kirkland got mid round draft grades but I doubt Alex returns even though he probably should


Grit and Grind
SEC favored in every bow game? Not sure if Vegas agrees or not. I haven't looked at all of the lines.



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Apparently there has been a record low for attendance at bowls this year. IMO there's honestly too dang many of them.


ESPN power index is heavily biased towards the SEC, this is well known. But, they should win most of those matchups.