Official 2015 College Football Thread


Biggest choke job away from $5 bjs on main street. Oregon deserved to lose that game. Poor clock management, poor defense in the 2nd half, poor personnel management (like not having any prepared backup QBs or C). Feels like they went in at halftime too confident.

The DC needs to go and Oregon needs to hire someone worth the money.

Big lol at the Chip Kelly thing tho. Would be hilarious if he came back, but not going to happen Geoff. :( :( :(


Oregon deflated after halftime without Adams and Hegarty. Defense got out gassed from being on the field too much because the offense collapsed under the backup center and QB. Hard to beat a team that scores on 9 straight possessions while you watch them do it without scoring more points. It's like they gave up after the half thinking they had it in the bag. Disappointing.


Grit and Grind
TCU came back and won because Patterson changed shirts and hats at half time.



Best Of The Best
Yeah, wife and I played about 5 games last night, pretty fun.

you guys lose yet? it was awkward the first time it happened. freakin weird playing a game where everyone loses :lol: they were near wins so we sat for like thirty minutes talking about where we went wrong.

check out forbidden desert. we got it and forbidden island. they are pretty similar, but we like desert better. they aren't quite as in depth and don't take as long.


Yeah, we lost the first time because we got some of the rules wrong and kept forgetting to use our characters stuff.