**OFFICIAL BIKE THREAD** Everything "motorcycle" in here


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I figure with as many people that have or are getting bikes, we might as well start a thread that shows what we ride, talk about good places to buy parts/gear, and just generally share rider knowledge. There seems to be a lot of threads lately on bikes, this seems like a good way to keep it organized for those of us that actually care :lol: Post what you've got, let's see 'em!

Mine, 1993 Honda CBR600 F2. Has all new repsol 97/98 f3 plastics on it, piped and jetted, flush mounts on the front, and thats about all i know about it. Only has 9k miles :)

It's dirty right now, but she'll get washed up soon. I just got finish doing all the body stuff on it, so now its time to enjoy riding it :)








Here's what it looked like before... :lol: (previous owner was wacko)



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See my sig. At 43MPG, its by DD for work and running around. All stock. Joe Rocket mesh jacket for the summer, Castle leather for the winter.


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Zim the Repsol Plastics look great. :thumbup:

I don't have a bike but i still love motorcycles. Any Moto GP fans? Here is a pic I took at the 05 Moto GP race at Laguna Seca of Hayden and Rossi coming on to the straight.


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helmet i'm about to buy: shoei rf-1000

jacket i want: tecknic tornado

i'm looking to get a honda shadow 750 or 1100 :eek:

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My bike... 1989 Suzuki GSX600, Full 4 to 1 Yoshi header and pipe, Stage 3 jet kit, pod filters, I've just recently gotten the carbs tuned to perfection, so now I can really open it up... In the process of turning it into a streetfighter bike, I bought a digital bicycle speedo for it :lol: ... but hey, its accurate to 180mph. I'm building a form, so I can fiberglass a new tail section, and undertail section for it. I'm thinking about maybe chopping newer gsx1000 tail and seat onto it, and new head light is to come soon, as well as new blinkers... and paint. Going to be Flat black with gold wheels.




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hopefully if my GT sells soon, i'll be getting one...looking at 03+ CBR 600rr or more preferably 05+ 636. even more preferably the limited edition 06 titanium with the red wheels. :drool:


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i would like to live to see my 21st birthday..:lol:

seen one of those beast with nos on her, hittin 189 or 186 (i forget) is no problem for him, but id love to get one of those things, hell the only thing stoppin me now is that i hear they suck in the twisties :thumbdown:
maybe a turbo'd 12r :D:lol:


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Ok I'll play.

Helmets, what do you have, and what do you like/dislike about it.

I have a 2yr old Shoei TZ-R. Its an alright helmet, not too heavy, fits great, but the ventilation kind of sucks, and the visor mounting system keeps coming loose where it screws into the shell of the helmet. There is also quite a bit of wind noise in the helmet.

And a pic of the bike.



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Zim, I liked how your bike looked before you put those mods on.

I liked the front fairing, but thats about it... if it wasnt a race fairing i probably would have just left it that way, but those little lights were pieces of ****, and there was a bunch of other stuff that wouldn't fit with that front on there, such as guages ;). It was ok, but I like it this way better... plus now theres no scrapes on it, it looks brand new.


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I have a 2004 GS500f. Only modifications are removed reflectors, shortened fender, and shortened rear turn signal stalks. A couple pics when I first got it home, and one after my accident with the fairings removed.





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