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Okay, so almost every other forum has one, so why not?

This is for you guys to post success stories, routines, and future goals.

I'll start.
I used to play football in high school until I finally got fed up with it. I quit after my freshman year. At first, I remained pretty active but that didn't last long. My diet of course, stayed the same. I went from a healthy 6' 4" 185lbs to about 210lbs in a matter of 2 years.

People I hadn't seen since football would notice the weight I had gained, and of course commented on it. They never called me fat or anything but they'd say I seemed to have finally "filled out". (I've always been pretty lanky) This was my wake-up call and something had to be done.

I cut out all soda, candy, and chips and just by doing that I dropped 10lbs in a month. Well I decided to up my game and start running. After another three months I was down to 170lbs. Nearly 40lbs down from where I started. I looked better, felt better, and was enjoying life. That wasn't enough.

I started going to the gym and lifting weights much more often and greatly increased my caloric intake. Red meats, chicken, nuts, eggs, anything with protein I would eat... a lot.

6' 4"
32" waist
Bench max: 225
Deadlift max: 245
Squat max: unsure, but the other day I did 5 sets of 5 starting at 205 and working up to 245

My goal is to get up to 200lbs with the same waistline. I also want to be able to bench 12 reps of my body weight, which i'm close to achieving.

Anyways, post up guys! And remember...

Get after it!


I really need to get better about being more active. I have cut out sodas, and drink mainly water now. I need to get back into running. I am 25 years old, and should be in a lot better shape then I currently am.


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I really need to get better about being more active. I have cut out sodas, and drink mainly water now. I need to get back into running. I am 25 years old, and should be in a lot better shape then I currently am.

If you can find something fun to do that gets you active, you'll be more active in no time. Time is always the issue though. When I started running I did it at night right before going to bed because that was the only spare time I had.

I made a few changes to my life since then, so I have more time to work out. Now that i'm trying to gain I don't even worry about cardio anymore. I just do it for stress and anxiety relief now.


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^That is awesome! I love watching motivational stuff like that.

Here's another good one...
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I am 5'6"
235 Lbs
36" waist.
Solid as a ****ing rock, with a belly. :p

I have no idea how much I can bench now,
when I was 17 I was doing 245
Curling 55Lbs per arm

and thats all I can remember from back then. Lol "I turn 23 on the 14th this month.."
I look wider than I am, because I'm so short. D:

And for fun, Here's my wife.
She can bench 155 and curls 25's believe it or not. Lol
She is 129Lbs
She's a half inch shorter than me, and wears a size 3 in jeans. thats like 28 inch waist I think.. too lazy to look it up. :p
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I have always been active. I played hockey in high school and flag football and racquetball in college. Since I graduated in 2009, I haven't been very active since work has consumed my life. I would run a mile every once in a while to try to keep in some sort of shape for racing. In the last month I have started really running. I went running with brother (who has never been active) and he ran circles around me so I decided I needed to step up my game. I have been training for about a month and done two 5Ks. Both were around 34 minutes (one was a bit faster but there were 3000 people).

For some strange reason running these 5Ks is a freaking blast. I don't know if it is the people or the sense of accomplishment but it is getting addictive. Here is my weekly routine now:

Monday- run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute, repeat for 40 minutes
Tuesday-walk for 30 minutes
Wednesday-run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute, repeat for 40 minutes
Thursday- Walk for 30 minutes
Friday- drink beer
Saturday - run 4 miles
Sunday - drink more beer

I am shooting to get a 5K in under 30 minutes. Then I may move to running 10Ks next year.

6 foot @ 165 pounds
I am more than happy to stay that way, just want to be able to run farther faster.


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Im starting to get back in to fitness hard core again. I did weightlifting in high school and i was about 125-135 depending on if i cut weight or not and i was benching about 205 ish. I train in martial arts regularly (it is my job) and i am currently on day 65 of p90x (I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!). After i finish p90x im going to start weight training for a few months then try to lean out and get ripped =] Any tips and/or advice?


30" waist

And i believe 14% body fat but im not 100% sure on that one.

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I''m 6'1" and right around the 200 mark. Aiming to shred off a bit more to get ripped for t3h ladyz. Just need to make time between 40+ at work and 12 hours of school

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I'm on the workout train, my wife and I get up and walk hills every morning. Got hit by a freaking idiot in a crosswalk last january and basically sat/slept in a chair for 4 months, ate oxy like candy and had to remain quite while my 5 broken bones healed. At 48 it is amazing how fast you gain weight and get out of shape in that situation. So walking, kayaking, riding my ATV, mowing, working around the place, just anything I can do to stay in motion during the day and get back to the level of fitness I was at before I got ran down.

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