Official Hockey thread


Go Coyotes!


Flyers Penguins game going on now is pretty entertaining.


it's all in your head
I'm surprised hockey is still a thing.

It's actually gaining popularity again.

Indianapolis just got a new ECHL team called the Indy Fuel. I went to the first game last Friday and also to the game last night. I love hockey.

Also, the Blackhawks are looking good coming out of the gates. :)


I know OKC has a minor league team, the Barons. They are an affiliate to I think Edmonton. I've heard they barely sell 500 season tickets and the majority are given away. I honestly thought the team folded but I saw an add in the paper for them the other day.


Coyotes play at the Lightning tonight and really need to win this and get back on track. TB is pretty tough though.