Official Hockey thread


Florida Man
Please don't turn this place into reddit where we have to put /s at the end of our comments to indicate sarcasm :lol:
Nah I'm just ****ing around. The Humboldt crash was a little over a year ago so it came to mind


Best Of The Best
We gonna make this thread about Wandler's kid starting hockey? Could be just like my softball thread :lol:

Anyways, Wandler I saw this on espn FB...

"27 years ago, The Mighty Ducks, led by hotshot lawyer Gordon Bombay, won the state championship when Charlie Conway scored using the triple-deke on a penalty shot.

The greatest worst-to-first story of a generation"

Your boy watch that movie yet?


lol, then we'd definitely lose Holly.

I need to sit down and have him watch it, I know he'd love it. My lake neighbor is the assistant hockey coach at his high school and his daughter is getting into hockey (she's 7 or 8). It's her favorite movie and she talks about it all the time.