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Grit and Grind
don't think we will b/c we got a great rate already but considering a refi. also we toss around the idea of moving every year so curious what our appraisal is now. we bought at a great time to buy so a big curiousity factor there. what's weird though is apparently fema says we live in a disaster zone (aka the state of Missouri) now. this is all new and i think it's based of a big tornado 30 miles away last year. wonder if @Zuplar knows anything about this? my coworker just bought a house, and he said that came up too. its like a combo inspection/appraisal and our lender brought it up. we just said ok whatever send em by and figured we'd get to know our new appraisal on top of it.


Best Of The Best
Only thing I've ever heard on a disaster zone (living in tornado alley this is common yearly) is for tax benefits. You can make claims on your taxes if you were affected, but not sure what significance this has other than them doing a more robust inspection for things like wind and hail. The only 'weather' concern they have is a flood zone, and there are various levels of that.

im going to ask the guy some questions tomorrow out of curiosity. just found this...

Missouri Severe Storms, Tornadoes, And Flooding (DR-4451) |

I'm one of the red counties. MO has one other 2019 disaster but doesn't include. Before that it goes back to 98 so whatever this guy is doing i guess is related. on a side note..... about to look your all's state/counties. see what kind **** been going down there :lol:


Seems weird they didn't even want an inspection no?

Maybe when you have that much money you don't give a ****? They seem pretty desperate to get in too, wanted to close on the 29th. We're like, uh no, we're not stressing ourselves out and getting packed up and moved in 2 weeks.