Official NBA Thread


Damn. Haven’t been on Twitter much this afternoon. Didn’t see that.



Grit and Grind
it's only been a week since the NBA shut down and the Gobert thing happened. Seems like that was a month ago.
I still feel like that so what really got the ball rolling (pun intended). Once that happened, the NBA shut down. Once the NBA shutdown, that when the dominoes really started to fall....even non-sports news.


Definitely seems like that was the point that tipped the scale here in the states

No question it was. I know it sounds crazy, but honestly it just goes to show how lucky we are in this country. Typically we don't have a ton to worry about, just first world problems, which by the rest of the worlds standard isn't a real worry. So it takes the mass canceling of things like sports to effect our day to day so much, that we actually take it serious.

We should be so lucky to live in a country like this.