Official NFL Thread


Mine are ok now that Forsett is playing well. In the free league I had Charles so it sucks losing him but I don't hardly pay attention to that league.

Team 1: Forte, L Murray, D Murray, Karlos Williams
Team 2: Bell, Forsett, Martin, Gordon, David Johnson

RB's have been shitty the past couple seasons because of the lack of depth and so many teams passing more.


Falcons might a complete fraud and they might start 10-0. So far they beat the entire garbage NFC East division and Houston (garbage).

Here is their next 5 games: Saints, Titans, Bucs, 49ers, Colts.

That schedule is weak. Unless Indy turns it around the Falcons don't play anyone worth a **** in that stretch.

Looking further down the road they have Vikings, Bucs, Panthers, Jags, Panthers, Saints.

They're almost certainly going to the playoffs and someone is going to completely shithouse them.




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Can we just take a minute to appreciate just how ****ing terrible the 49ers are without Harbaugh? Holy **** what a stupid GM they have there, how he manages to keep his job is beyond me. I almost feel bad for 49ers fan but they were pretty insufferable while they were winning


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Got offered this trade in fantasy;

I'd give up Calvin Johnson and get Mike Wallace + Latavius Murray. My current RB's are a hodgepodge of Doug Martin and Matt Jones/Isaiah Crowell with James Starks there too.

I'm thinking about counter-offering CJ for Travis Benjamin, Lat Murray and TJ Yeldon. I doubt he would do it but if he did it gives him a 3WR set of OBJ, CJ and Deandre Hopkins which is I bet pretty enticing. Thoughts?