OFFICIAL: SoCal 7th Annual V6MustangMeet Car Show - July 11, 2009


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Hello everyone :)

I just wanted to let you know that is now ready to host our 7th annual V6Mustangmeet(.com). That’s right, this is the 7th year we are hosting it and it only gets bigger and better!

Here is the information for the car show for those interested (details below):

Elysian Park (in Dodger Stadium Park)

General Address to reference:
835 Academy Road
Los Angeles, CA 90012
where Stadium Way meets Academy Rd.
July 11, 2009

Upon reserving our location, I was told that there is a volleyball court that comes with the reservation, so we can either play some volleyball or some badminton for fun times!


There will be PLENTY of raffle prizes for this show as always. We will of course be providing you with free food just the same (food to be decided).

Of course there will be a car show as we have to have our reigning champions hold their crowns...or at least try to and a new class!

Here are the classes I am expanding the show to:

1994-1998 Best V6 Mustang
1999-2004 Best V6 Mustang
2005-2009 Best V6 Mustang
1994-2009 Best V8 Mustang

Let me take the time to say that this event is open to ANY MUSTANG, be it a V6 or V8, you are all very much welcome to attend the show. The more…the MERRIER!!!!!

The last show we had a big mix of V6 and V8 cars, and several car clubs in attendance, that we reached over 125 mustangs! Car clubs such as DarkStangs, Stangpede, and LoneStar Stangs were in attendance in big numbers.

10:00-10:30 will be time for cars to show up and park where directed to (please note if you come after 10:30 the voting will have begun and you will not be admitted to the show). As you approach our location you will be directly where to go for your registration information packet.

10:30-11:30 will be the car show voting. As we did before, I will have the ballots made up. You bring a car, you get ONE BALLOT. You fill it out and return it to us...and you will NOT be allowed to vote for yourself to try to make it as fair as possible. If you are not parked and registered in time, you will not get to vote so please be prompt as last year we cause a traffic jam off the freeway!

11:30-12:00 Ballot Counting….and waiting for food to arrive

12:00-12:45 will be LUNCH! Food and drinks will be provided for EVERYONE attending as we have done EVERY year now 

1:00 – 1:30pm will be the RAFFLE

Raffle tickets will NOT BE SOLD for this event as per our agreement to sponsors as well. You bring in a mustang…you get ONE RAFFLE TICKET. This keeps it COMPELTELY fair for everyone and allows only for one prize to be won by each person attending with a mustang. Sorry to say you cannot buy $50 worth of tickets as this throws off the balance…so one raffle ticket per mustang brought in is how it will be setup.

These were the sponsors we have for last year and have since added a couple more and hope to add even more:
Sinergy Motorsports
Speed Concepts
American Muscle
Redline Accessories

I will update the posts as I get more sponsors! Last year we were able to have a grand prize of a BRAND NEW CHOICE OF HOOD FROM TRUFIBER, I value of $500!!

In order for us to take a correct headcount you MUST REGISTER yourself and your guests via the link provided

1:30pm-2:00pm trophy presentation!

Please remember that AUTOBADGES.COM and FULLY SPONSORS this event for the people that attend it. We will have products for you to purchase at the show if you request so. If you have anything in particular you would like to purchase, PLEASE let us know so that we can take it. will personally have all emblems in stock, tints and hoodshocks as well. If you would like to pay for any of these parts at the show and pick them up please be sure to contact me at [email protected] so I can make sure to take your products at the show…of course with a discount! We greatly appreciate any sales we can make at the show as this will save you money and help us fund the event for many years to come as well!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at [email protected] or AIM: AutoBadgesRep or use our LIVE CHAT feature located on every page of

Again you can see the turnout of the shows at and see just how we setup the cars, the number of cars that are really attending (LOTS) and how much fun the event is. This event is COMPLETELY free to everyone attending..just bring your stang, a smile on your face, a great attitude and have a great time!

Again, if you don’t register you don’t get goodies, nor food!

If you would like to add or remove people from your registration or to verify you registered correctly, just let me know via email.

Some images to get you going!






Please remember that these forums may not always function for an email when someone posts, so be sure to email as well please to [email protected]

Thank you ahead of time,

Erick Valdez – Owner of


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Well that's a not a good reason for not going. The show isn't about the 'trophies''s about the good times and fun and raffle prizes :D Maybe I should just eliminate the trophies as that seems to be too big of a factor for people.


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I built my car as a show car to win shows, with stangpede there, there is no competition. Not so Fun to drive a car with a 10k paint job to a show with no chance of winning it