OFFICIAL V6 Exhaust Thread with Clips

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Supercharged 4.2L motor with ProFlow mufflers, high flo cats, and H-pipe.


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Custom Turbo, 3.8L, big cam, custom midpipe, 03 cobra stock catback.

I'll have to find my other one with a couple of revs...
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1997 3.8 Singleport V6
MAC ceramic longtube headers, hi-flow cats, stainless steel MAC ProChamber, Flowmaster 10 Series mufflers, FM tailpipes, Borla tips.



Nice man! I'm saving for mac lt, procamber, and flow 10s. Can't wait.
You'll love it very much. It's a very respectable sounding set up, especially at high RPM's. I get compliments about the cars exhaust during dyno pulls and at idle. *Remember to add a set of hi-flow cats! O/R midpipes on the 3.8 are odd sounding to me. New primary CO2 sensors too!