Official Weather Thread


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Overcast and windy in Kansas City but the temps are great.

Supposed to rain for 3 days straight, starting tonight though.


I'd Hit It
I was in Colorado, Denver area, all this past week and it was in the mid 70's, low humidity. It was nice! I took some time to drive up Pikes Peak on Friday, coldest I have ever been. I got a brain-freeze from the wind chill.

In the low 80's here in Arkansas, got out on the bike and rode a few miles today.


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^^^^Ya with mass old people!!!

High 70's here in Cincinnati. Just put my wheels back on and gave the car a nice detail.


It was 80 here. Awesome, I'm going to go to Cali this week and it's going to be the same weather. BS.


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Already in the 80s here. So far this year, we have had a perpetual fall that lasted until about two weeks ago, spring lasted two days, and this is ****ing summer. I already had to spray down a new wasp nest on the deck tonight. Screw Southern Indiana, I want to live in Michigan again.


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House I just moved into is like a bee paradise or some ****. Walk out front door, BZZZZZZZZ. Walk out back door, BZZZZZZZZ. Bought a couple poison bee traps and hung them up last night, I hope these faggots die a painful and slow death. Giant tree right outside our house so everyday there's a new coat of pollen on my silver car, which is now yellow and covered in bird ****. It's also 80 degrees and suppose to start raining soon which means humidity! yayyy


Grit and Grind
Wedding week weather looking good, including the day of. About as good as it gets in Memphis during the Spring.