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Dell Venue 8

Was looking for a tablet just to have as a toy. Had an iPad 2 previously and found it too big to use comfortably so I figured the 8" size would be good for me. Stock Android 4.2.2., 2 GB RAM, 16GB interal storage with expansion via micro-SD, blah, blah. Spec wise it seemed comparable to the Galaxy Tab 3 I was looking at and was about $100 less so I figured I'd try it for $180. I'm happy so far.


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Target is running a trade-in promo, at least $200 for any used ipad. Traded wife's first-gen ipad for an ipad air.


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Wait they are giving you 200 for an old iPad?
it's fairly common when they want to get people on the new stuff. i've seen a lot of promos in my day where you can send in the biggest piece of **** laptop, and you get more than you should for buying a current model.


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Wait they are giving you 200 for an old iPad?
Yes they are running a promo through tomorrow where you can trade in any working iPad and get a minimum $200 credit.

The trade in /street value of a first gen iPad is about half of that currently, so it's an especially good deal if you've got a first gen. Not so much if you're trading in a newer one.


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Julia and I got wendi a friend yesterday :)

he's half boxer half boston terrier. Some people call them mini boxers or boxters. He's 8 weeks, and shouldn't get much bigger than 25-30 lbs. It's good because wendi is so little she's already over 1 yr old and barely 35 lbs. They get along great already

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I bought an Alpine PXA-H100 Sound processor + tuning microphone. probably gonna try to go full active on my front stage.