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i need to change the oil pump on my 95 stang, i know the pump itself is ez to swap out but wondering how hard it is to take the timing cover off to change the pressure release valve, and if someone know of a website or anything that i can look at to see the process.


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Buy yourself a service manual (Haynes or Chilton's), $15 at any auto parts store. It will tell everything you need to know for this job, and about anything else you will do to your car.

This job really isn't hard, it is basic nuts-n-bolts stuff. Just be sure to keep track of what you take off, and the hardware for it! The front accessories and their bracketry are best left attatched to their lines in the engine compartment...just unbolt them from the engine, and move them off to the side, using wire or twine to tie them out of the way.

Another tip: when you get all the hardware out of the front cover, and are ready to "pop" it loose from it's seal to the block, be very careful about prying under the edges of it...it is only thin cast aluminum, and can crack easily.


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on the 98 the pressure relief valve is built into the front cover took 3 blown oil filters and 15 quarts of oil for me to finally say ok lets get a new one i was hoping it would pop free

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Hi I'm new to this web site I also have the same problem with the oil pressure relief valve. I have a 03 mustang 3.8 v6. My question is this..... is that valve located behind the timing cover or in the pump itself. Plz direct me in the way to find out or a website that is detailed. Have Chilton book but isn't explanatory enough

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Several photos to help. Oil pump is installed on the right side. Oil pump is outside the front cover. The pump is a Melling M-246. The brass colored parts are my add-ons. One is an oil temp sensor and the other is an oil pressure sensor. You have to pull the cam position sensor to remove the oil pump.
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