Oil weights


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Okay guys i decided to make a thread about this to expand my knowledge considering i know nothing bout how oil is weighted and what the differences are. So my frist question is how is the weight considered (what does it mean). The second question is what the difference between normal and synthetic. And the third question i have is what oil should i be running on a supercharged set up?


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Oil is weighted due to the viscosity of it. Synthetic is synthetic as it states. Not made from crude oil. Supercharged idk,regular is probably fine.


Under a boost application I would use nothing but a quality full synthetic oil, it's not that much more expensive, but gives me an extra sense of security. I run my 2002 hard.


Extended Service Synthetic oils are cheaper and provide guaranteed protection from heat. You get 15K miles+ per oil change. 5W-30 for the Mustang. Check out "bobistheoilguy.com" for different oil analysis results and all kinds of oil explanations.http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/motor-oil-101/
Mobil1, Amsoil, Pennzoil Ultra, Valvoline SynPower, & Royal Purple- Great Oils.
K&N, Mobil1, Amsoil, are the ONLY oil filters I use.
Don't forget to maintain a clean air filter and fuel filter.


with a boosted application, i dont think it would hurt to use regular oil or maybe half synthetic. a little bit thicker oil will help with blowby. i usually run mobil 1


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Unless you are machined for different tolerances, I wouldn't switch to a different grade of oil other than whats specified for your vehicle.

Running synthetic is fine, but I would try to stay with a particular brand and type, mixing different types of oils and additives can create some strange build-ups over time.

I run the Motorcraft 5w20 synthetic blend and a Ford filter. Been running that combo since I bought the car with 80K on it, now its close to 180K and the oil is still reasonably clean when I change it.

In my old 5.0, I ran 10w30 Syntec. I think I may run a 5w30 in it when the 408 sits in the engine bay.


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Okay thanks guys all of this was very helpful! I will most likely run synthetic on the new motor when ever i finish it and swap it in lol