OnStar FMV Rear View Mirror


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Since my mirror is old, and showing signs of wear, I was going to get a new one. So,
looked around, and for the prices I saw, I got a better $23.00 solution:

Original Mirror:

OnStar FMV:



B+ (Yellow) & Ignition Power (Red):

The wires are on the power side of the fuse, and each wire has it's own 10A fuse.

Cut a slot in the cover for the wires to exit:

Cover on, wires through:

Powering Up:


So, rather than buy a used or new mirror for MORE than $23.00, I was able to shoot the $23 best
offer to the seller, and they took it. They have more left. Brand new, unopened unit too.

The FORD mirror comes off the mount by prying at the top or bottom, and pulling. The FMV slides
right on to the metal tab, and tightens with a torx driver.