Opinions Regarding Lowering My 06 Mustang CE / Pony Package. Thx.


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I have a 2006 Mustang V6 California Edition / Pony Package. I just recently bought a set of four Roush Lowering springs. These are the regular ones, not the "extreme" version. Now my concern is that the car stock has a crazy 4x4 height, even the car tech, older gentleman told me the other day when I took car in for new tranny fluid, said "she is so high up". Weird. Whats up with the fist size cap in the rear and little less in the front? I was planning on putting the regular Roush lowering springs on her with the Ford Racing GT500 strut mounts with Prothane rear and front sway bar bushings. Just trying to tighten the handling a little and lower a little to close the gap somewhat. Now with this setup do I need an adjustable panhard bar? Also, how much lower would the car be if I got a new set of Tokico shocks and struts? Also, I want ride to be tolerable, not too harsh. Daily driver here. Got a limited budget here. Please direct. Opinions needed. Thx.


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These cars are not 4x4 height, so either the tires are the wrong size for such
a large gap, or someone put the wrong rate springs/struts on the car. Mine
was fine, till I changed the struts, now it's up higher, but not 4x4 height, no way.
You'll be fine with those springs though. Factory, the gap between the tire
and fender isn't much over 2 inches, if at all. If you got a 4" gap, then something
is WRONG, not factory.