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Wandered in because of a old email. Is any old members still around? Crazystang, drewsstang, relik, autobadges, etc. Too many great ones to name but I hope all is well with everyone.


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They all gone. I'm the only one left so I just talk to myself.

edit: ****. i hit 50k the other day and didn't notice.


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all good. happily married and all that **** with some old ass kids.

how old are you nowadays. figure worst case 30 if you joined at 16?
36 years old. I have two kids and a married as well. It's crazy how life is changed from forum days for me


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I feel like I bought some billet window switches from you back in the day.
Yes sir it was the time that I did sell all my billet parts. I sold a lot of parts through here.

Had some great conversations with a lot of these guys on here. Learned a lot. I still have my same email from back in the day and I ran across an old picture of my car and decided to come see what's going on out here


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Is there even anything else on this site anymore? I haven't had a mustang in 7 years so I haven't left ot.