P.A.T.S. gage cluster change


Does any one know how to switch gage clusters? pics?
I know a tuner can turn pats off and the cluster will work.
I went to the dealership to get it programed and they are 2 days behind. I was looking for something more convenient. I would appreciate the help.


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They won't allow you to use a cluster unless it has the same mileage as yours. If you take that portion from your cluster and install it in the new cluster, it will fire right up. I did that with a 2000.


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I just switched to a Mach 1 gauge cluster on my v6, all I had to do was get PATS turned off.
If I remember right, you need to undo the top two bolts on the underside of the gauge bezel.
Next, carefully pry off the bezel (there are tabs behind it).
Take out your current gauge cluster by unscrewing the four dark grey/black screws. (You do not and should not unscrew the gold/bronze screws, those serve a different purpose.)
Lastly, when pulling out the gauge cluster, there will be two wiring harness ends plugged into the back of the gauge cluster. Gently pull them out and you're done!

All you need to do is reverse the process to install a new one.

Also, if you're looking for a Mach 1 gauge cluster I have an extra one I didn't end up using since the silver portion is cracked and released from the clear plastic face. The replacement (black) bezels are like $30.


Unhook your battery first. I have taken mine out a couple of times. You are going to have to get a little screw driver and put it into the slot of your headlight knob to release the knob from a post that goes to the headlight switch. This can be a pain. EVERYTHING ELSE is easy. If you don't remove the knob you can't take of the big plastic piece. Like Kitsune said don't touch the gold of brass screws. I think on Youtube there is a video about changing the instrument cluster. If I find the video I will post it so you will have an idea. Here you go
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I thought with the digital clusters it didn't matter what mileage it was because when you reprogram it to work with PATS at a dealer the computer can set it to the mileage. Of course most of you know you can't just install it and run your car.


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You do need to go somewhere to get the mileage reset and pats changed to match your vehicle (unless you turn pats off in a tune).
I literally dropped in the Mach 1 gauge cluster, it was plug and play after I disabled pats. The only thing that does not match is the mileage (off by literally 90k).