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Any ideas on how much a paint job will be for a fulll body kit?
how much more for ghost flames added? (may as well right?)

You don't have to be exact, just an estimate of what I should be paying. MY car is a 2002 BLACK gt, I figure black paint can't cost to much lol. Please I really need some help on an idea on price. Car was scratched on what looks to be a hit and run ( chicago stupid weather and icey roads).... any ideas on big paint shop names? Be it MAACO or whoever. Thanks


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i want to repaint my bumper performance red, where do u guys suggest i go and what would it cost (estimate) so i dont get ripped off.


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Black is THE hardest color to paint and not have it look like it came through a hailstorm, requires lots of skill and experience with a paint gun to know how to shoot black and not get any imperfections

don't get macco, you'll be sorry. go to a small local shop that does good work, talk to the owner, offer CASH for the paint job and see if he'll cut you a deal


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Cmon i know there are some peeps on this board with custom paint jobs and or ghost flames. I also know theres people with body kits. how much did you's pay?


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well... i just ordered a roush stage 3 front fascia... i talked to one body shop, they said 470 for the paint and install... i was just like **** no! i paid 420 for the shlt itself... so i called someone else and they said they could do the paint and install for 365 or something. i decided i'd just have them paint it (for 250) and ill do the install myself... (no its not fiberglass, its urethane) so basically its gonna cost you somewhere around $250 for paint front bumper, two side skirts i'd say around $100-200 and rear bumper should be about the same as the front. maybe a little less but i'm not too sure about that.
so all in all, my guesstimate is $600-$700 for PAINT only for the front bumper, rear bumper, and two side skirts, hope this helps

btw, you're better off just calling a few body shops and asking them for estimates on how much paint would be, cuz location does matter... some areas are high priced, where as others arent so...
good luck :thumbup:


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This is usually why you see a bunch of ricers drive around town with an unpainted body kit. They didn't realize how much painting it would cost. They cant afford it. But since they spent so much for the kit already, theyre sure as hell gonna drive with it.


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Anyone think it be possible to get the full body kit and flames painted for under $700? I can get the body kit for free I believe or at least only pay shipping (sponsor). to bad I cant get a paint shop to sponsor me lol or maybe...... Dunno, Also anyone know where I can get a cheap replacement for the RH headlight? They broke that as well. Perhaps under $100. I seen OEM for $120, and aftermarket for $80 they do look a lil diff lol, and I only need one so i dont want two odd ones.


my car was the victim of macco before i bought it. basically, the overal look with be "wow, that car looks excellent for xxxxx miles", but the paint easily cracks, because the put it on so thick without surface preping, there will be overspray EVERYWHERE, inside my trunk, hood, cooling hoses, they all have a white mist on them. I have bought $5 cans of FORD paint and done better.



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yeah man... just like with the body kits, you get what you pay for (why i decided to dishout the extra cash and go urethane) and you'll end up paying more in the long run if you decide to go for a cheap paint job. the flames themselves will be well over $700

good luck with your decision :thumbup:


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You get what you pay for. If you get a quality paint, such as a lacquer based finish, then you are looking to spend a few hundred on paint alone. But it isn't the paint that drives the cost up, it is the labor. They have to do all kinds of prep work such as sanding and spraying primer. I had my first experience painting a car (dads 64 Corvette) and it is not a simple process.

Look to spend a few grand if you want a good paint job and your ghost flames (which are very cool by the way).