Part-Out: 2000 Mustang V6


I've got a local post on CL out here in Pittsburgh and wanted to post some V6 parts here on the forum for the V6 guys.

Located in Pittsburgh, PA
Buyer pays shipping.

Windstar Upper Intake $200 + Shipping
Includes VAP throttle body, IAC bracket, coil bracket, bolts, Windstar EGR spacer, EGR valve. Rigged Intake Pipe and MAF.

Lower Intake Manifold + Brand New Thermostat $80 + Shipping

Split Port Cylinder Heads $100/each + Shipping

2000 Fuel Rail $40 + Shipping
1999 Fuel Rail $40 + Shipping

MAC Ceramic Longtube Headers $200 + Shipping
MAC O/R H Pipe (For Longtubes) $100 + Shipping

Just PM, email, or shoot me a text. Info in Link:


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Any chance for the Mac longtubes and h pipe going down a lil on price? I have the mac h pipe for shorties but I want longtube on my build now.