Parting out my v6 stuff. (Go fast parts)


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Parting out my v6 motor/trans/turbo stuff. I picked up an LS motor/trans and will be going that route from here on out.

I am willing to part with everything from the motor trans or turbo setup.

I'm keeping the megasquirt to run the LS with.

Heads are ported with SBC valves and seats custom springs and handle .650 lift. My current cam is .620 lift overall. Asking 600 bucks

Turbo setup cost 7,000 from the shop. All SS and that 7 grand didn't include the 1000 dollar precision 7675 turbo. Wastegate is a tial MVR 44mm gate. Comes with a plethora of springs.

It clears a/c and p/s but the ps return line will need to be re routed and ac lines need to be bent and plenty of heat wrap applied to keep them from getting burnt.
2000 bucks.

FTI 9" triple disk billet lockup torque converter, 4000 stall when applied with a motor making roughly 400hp. Was 1200. Asking 400.

Single port custom intake manifold, custom fuel rails and throttle body. Cost over 2 grand for a shop to make for me. Will come with fuel crossover line and thermostat housing. It has two ports for methanol injection or you can use those ports for nitrous if you want. The ports are in the plenum just after the throttle body. Asking 500.

Custom grind blower cam with massive 3/8" diameter pushrods and 1.73:1 scorpion roller rockers. Well over a thousand bucks for this new. Asking 350.

Here's a link to one of my videos. A bunch of my other videos shows the car actually running.

Not mentioned but available is a ported 1994 Eaton m90 setup from a super coupe. It needs cleaned up. Not sure what to ask for that yet but if interested make an offer.