People have lost their mind , paris hlton related


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The fact that so many people signed a petition to the point where it made the news is sad.People must have lost their mind,they want a drunk driver on the road now,just cause she is famous ? Yet these same people will throw a fit if its just an average joe who is caught drunk driving.They'd be yelling about how they deserve to be in jail so on n so forth.People are absolutely retarded :rolleyes:


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That's pretty retarded, why shouldn't she go to jail like everyone else?

I dont know..ask these people ...the fact that theirs an actual site created makes it so much more sad.They claims he made a mistake and learned her lesson yet this is her 2nd or 3rd time being caught...dumb bitch deserves much more then 45days


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This is completely retarded. Where are the limits on celebrities? Is it okay if Paris kills someone while driving drunk just because she is rich and famous? I wonder.


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Paris Hilton is THE MOST over rated over exposed person EVER.

You can't turn on the TV without seeing her square jaw on one of the channels.

I still don't understand WHY. What is so special about her that people just have a constant urge to talk about her? All you hear is "Paris done this..." or "Paris is that".

Who gives a ****?????

It got to the point that every time I hear her name, I want to go outside and stab the first person I see in the eye with a dull pencil.

Even this forum....

Are yall serious?


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I'd PIITB but that bitch deserves jail time. I do agree she doesn't deserve even 1/4 of the news attention that she gets :thumbdown: