Please help with photoshop?? (...and move this thead into chop section lol)


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I'm adobe-illiterate, so any help is greatly appreciated. I know they're not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm about to pull the trigger on some black Saleens. However, I want to see a quick glance on what to expect before I commit.

The only things I need done to the picture below:

1. turn the car white (oxford)
2. color the CENTER of the roof black (not the pillars; solely the center)

After the above, if you have any more touches... add em :thumbup:




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Wrong section, but here's my best attempt. I'm not the best with any photo editing program:


Without hood stripe:


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Thank you! That's perfect. Sorry about wrong section, I honestly couldn't find the photoshop request section :D

I think it might look even better with a Vash-style hood and a 99/01 Cobra front bumper like your car reaper.

And if anyone is up to that as well as making those headlights smoked.......... :lol:


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It's a sub-section in Photoshoots.

Anyway, I suck too much to change the front bumper, but here's with the "vash" style hood and light smoked headlights:

And with an attempt at bullitt sails:

If I'd have paid enough attention to notice your CC headlights, I'd have taken the amber signals out of the first two pics