Port Windstar Intake TB Inlet, 70 mm TB install


Away from V6's for now........
So not really a how-to, but more of an informational and what I did to get this going.... I'm sure there are better ways to do this but this is how I did it.

So I'm using an Accufab 70mm TB. Its a damn nice piece.


Comparison to a stock Windstar throttle body.


I am not using a modified IAC system. I retained the factory IAC location and function, so when using a Mustang style TB, the IAC port needs to transition from the higher Windstar intake, to the lower Mustang TB. So I had a plate made to do this w/ a 70 mm opening.



Here is the stock set-up with the Windstar TB.


And the factory intake opening.


So in this shot I bolted my adapter plate to the intake, you can tell the 70mm hole is a bit bigger than the factory opening.


With the intake off the car, this job is much easier and you can thoroughly clean out the intake after your done. When I removed the factory gasket and lined up the spacer, I could see that after I opened up the inlet, the factory gasket wouldn't fit tight in there anymore.


I decided I would fill this recess and then make a conventional cork/rubber gasket after I was done to seal it up.

I used a JB brand epoxy putty.


And then filled the gasket recess.


Two other areas of concern after I took a close look at the intake were the top and bottom just behind the TB inlet. They are really close to the same size as the factory TB inlet size.



So these areas also received the epoxy treatment....



So after the epoxy hardened, I sanded the TB mounting surface flat...


Time for porting....


Yes I used a holesaw bit. Its probably crude, and yeah there are better ways to do it. But this option seemed the easiest for me and it does work.

I used my adapter plate as a guide/center for the hole saw bit.... And bolted it down tight.


Time for some drilling....


It takes some time, and you don't want to get too crazy with it, the plastic can melt, but it wasn't too bad.


Eventually if will go far enough to remove the necessary material..




Yes I broke through the intake.... Even with my preparing, it still broke through on the top and the bottom. Partially my fault as I drilled too deep into the intake.

But its still ok, the epoxy can be used to fill the holes and it turned out fine.
Here is the bottom after some epoxy, sanding and paint....


I got a bit rushed to get the car running, so the topside is not as pretty, but it is sealed and is relatively smooth to the touch....


Here is the final product.... Intake opening at 70mm to match the Accufab TB.....


Also took the opportunity to open up my intake pipe a bit....
Before with hodge-podged BBK intake of sorts....


And with my new self-built intake.... 3.5 inch pipe....


If there are any questions, just ask. I did have to modify a couple things on the Accufab TB to get it working properly, but I think depending on your year, you wouldn't have to do what I did. I can elaborate if needed.

Feedback appreciated.


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Away from V6's for now........
I did the TB and ported the inlet at the same time. With both those, it was a much noticeable difference after 4500 rpm, car pulls strong right to 5500, never did that before.


yes, i just got a stock throttle body and it is tiny compared to my 70mm lol. hopefully the water weld holds up for ya.


Away from V6's for now........
Me too, I'll be sad if it doesn't....

I drive the car everywhere, so it will be put to the test.


Away from V6's for now........
Went to Cali. for Fabulous Fords last weekend, and the car ran really good.

No issues, runs smooth, and on the way back it managed 30mpg highway with the A/C on. I think it could do 31-32 with the A/C off and the windows up, but it was a bit warm on the way back.
you know what size the tb is on the GTs? And that is a good idea using a hole saw. When I put on my GT 1 I tried using sanding bits well that makes a mess of molten plastic. I ended up going through a few of those and had to go slow to keep it from melting plastic.


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the number 65mm stands out in my mind for the size of the gt tb. because thats the 'upgrade' size for the old VAP kits.


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Not bad. Store this idea for later, thanks for sharing, Jessie, and thanks to Phil II for leading me here.


Away from V6's for now........
Depends on your definition of stock...

The long block was stock, no head work or valvetrain modifications. At the time I did this stuff, I had recently put a ported lower intake on it. Before all that, the car had true dual exhaust, BBK short tube headers, and it only had 2 cats instead of 4 like they come factory with. It had around 180K miles on it too.....

Its a shame I never got any dyno numbers or updated 1/4 mile times after I did the TB and lower intake, I wrecked the car a couple months after I did all this stuff (not at fault)..... Before the ported lower and the TB, it put down 181 to the wheels and ran 15.4's on 18 in. Saleen wheels.


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Looks great! Good choice on the Accufab, as well.....I have one, and had ported the stock intake TB opening to match the throttle body opening, as well.