Ported/ polished Gen 1 ('89-'93) T-Bird supercharger, plenums and intercooler for sale


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Ported and polished Gen 1 ('89-'93) T-Bird supercharger, intake plenum, return plenum, supercharger top, and intercooler for sale. The intake plenum is ported/ polished (all the way through, with a flexible drill bit extention) to also accept a 75mm throttle body at the opening, though the plenum necks down to about 68-69 or so mm. Return plenum is not ported/ polished, nor is the supercharger top.

The supercharger isn't heavily ported; the inlet has more of a casting irregularity removal, though it is port matched to the intake plenum. The outlet (triangle part) is slightly beveled and polished to improve airflow. The rotors are in very good shape, though they have the expected typical scratches here and there.

Asking $325 USD + shipping.







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It won't bolt onto a 2004, and will need a significant amount of fabrication. The single port 94-98 Mustangs are somewhat easier to accomodate the M90.