Ported/polished splitport heads


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I have a set of ported and polished split port v6 heads ready to ship out. Spent most of my time on the exhaust side since the intake already flows pretty well. I focused on enlarging the opening to the top of the ports and the short side radius so as to straighten out the port shape. This helps keep the velocity of the air up helping torque and horsepower. On the intake side I gasket matched the high rpm and low rpm ports, enlarging the high rpm short ports while leaving the longer runners mostly stock just blending them into the gasket surface (Enlarging these too much can lower your torque.) Before porting the low rpm ports they have a bit of a wall that the air hits when transitioning from the lower intake to the heads. I left the intake side rougher to keep fuel atomized more effectively and polished the exhaust side to keep carbon from building up. I blended where the intake ports come back together right before the valve with an eye for increasing swirl. I un-shrouded the valves conservatively to keep compression ratio up and polished up the combustion chambers for increased detonation resistance.

For some before/after pictures head over to: 38 v6 splitport heads pictures by tylercnk - Photobucket
Click on the pictures for descriptions

I have probably 15-20 hours in these and I’m looking to get about 500 + shipping with a refundable core charge of 150$. Shoot an email to tylerc at netins.net and I will try to answer any questions you have!