Post a Photo of YOUR Mustang as it sits, GO!


CAM00122.jpg2012-11-12 12.30.15.jpg552377_540752332618345_204400044_n.jpg2012-08-29 12.25.26.jpg

Tein springs, Sve drifts rims , CAI, pacesetter h pipe adapter after cats, dual flowmasters 10, oh and peep those blue leds in the rear deck lol .:DatAss:
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Away from V6's for now........
I think SlowSix is actually an officer of the antenna patrol.... I remember receiving a citation from him when I posted pictures of my V6 for the first time....


that V6 guy
thanks jesse

i had a shortie on there, my towel caught it when drying off the car and it just snapped.. so i put the stock one back on, better reception anyways lol


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Got both of these last weekend the red one I the wife's the silver is mine both are 2000 mustangs V6 5 speeds


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Oh yes already bookmarking online for things to buy. I'm also looking at what color to paint it and what design I'm going to airbrush on it