Post a Photo of YOUR Mustang as it sits, GO!


To be honest the only time i've ever scraped was the exhaust on the bottom, never had any other issues with it.


one- wheel peelin!
Here she is, sitting outfront of my house right now, waiting for a bath and good wax, some staggered cobra wheels, and some lowering springs, just the tip of the mod list. :D many, many more things to come.



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2000 Ford Mustang. new paint job, added 20's with the wider back rim
2013-12-05 21.57.52.jpg
2014-01-23 16.28.19.jpg
2013-12-05 21.58.17.jpg
2014-01-23 16.31.07.jpg
, added the red caliper covers. After years of driving my car I finally decided to throw a few dollars at it.