post up your past and present Mustangs


i'll start...
1989 GT

1992 LX 5.0

1993 LX 5.0 (only pic i could dig up)

1993 Cobra

1994 GT

2000 V6

2001 Cobra

2003 GT

2004 V6

2012 V6


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wow thats an amazing list.. ive just had one which is my current. in the end of the year i will be adding an 02 gt to park next to my sixxer. do u still have any of those cars ?


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dude what hood do you have on the green one?

It was called a "GT350" hood and I was only able to find it on random ebay stores. I loved it but am thinking of going a different direction for the black car. Maybe the Steeda Q400 hood with the cut out louvers.

Was the frame all twisted up in from the accident?

Big time, the hit was hard enough to break pinch welds throughout the whole chassis.


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As of last week they do. I can't find a hood I like better, is as functional, and doesn't cost $800+


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My new (to me) Stang & my dad's '49 Ford

2006 V6; automatic; stock; 5,000 miles; ext: black w/ white stripes; int: black leather w/ red stitching; blacked-out taillights; smoked headlights; smoked 5-spokes; full window tint; $2,500