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In the "Locking Thread" site i noticed a few people were getting annoyed about people replying "lol" or something completely off key just to get more posts, I have been on the board since I got my stang back in march-april 2001. And I agree completely that this is annoying, there should be a way to edit content and/or just delete threads so they dont count when someone just types one word.  I have about 70 posts at the moment, but if you go and look mostly All OF MY POSTS are long paragraphs, because I like to help people by giving a through answer, especially if I know something specifically on the subject.  Well maybe this just a Rant, but I hope someone agrees with me.   Also I was wondering what it takes to be a Moderator, because I enjoy this site and want to be a better part of it. -JZ


There is a way.  If we delete sombodys post it takes it away from there post count.


1. Eddie is right with those words.
2. The post count doesnt mean squat, some of us have been here a long while, and some are still yet to come. Just cuz someone has a billion posts, doesnt make them god to the board. I know of three people on this site that have five or six posts and seem pretty knowlegable, should we call them newbies? No way, its not a popularity contest here, we dont rate our members. So dont worry about it, just enjoy helping others and we know who is who around here, sometimes i myself use a one liner just to get the point accross.
3. Talk to Sean about being a moderator, although we have enough right now.
4. You are already a better part of it, youre here right?
5. Remember, read the content, not the posts, thats what matters. Take it easy John. 8)


I noticed a certain persons # of posts dropped about 70+ after that argument in the other thread. Hopefully this will clue them in to make thier posts at least somewhat relevant....or at the very least somewhat humorous