Power distribution box has cracked terminal


I need to replace the power distribution box or engine bay fuse box. I did a dummy move and cracked the terminal where the battery cables meet. As a result, the terminal will come loose abs the car will die while driving. Big no no.

How do I replace it? Is there a procedure to do it?

Pete fender

Pete Fender
There may be a few on ebay.
I bought one there that was like new.
Just make sure you get one for your car, engine and all, as v6 and v8 can be different color codes.
I think you should consider a trip to the junk yard, factory parts are like $300, and hard to find online.

6 Shooter

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I have one that I cut out of a dead car. This is not a simple project. You will first have to find one from a car with exact same year model, same shape, and same fuses and relays and use wire cutters to cut the wires that are connected to the box. Leave enough wire to be able to identify the colors and locations. Next, you will be required to cut, splice, and solder about 30 wires. Alternatively, you must take detailed photos of the fuses and the wire colors and locations from the underside of YOUR box. Then, you may be able to pull and remove the red plastic alignment brackets on the top side of the box, then use a common (flat bladed) hobby screw driver inserted on the underside (I think) to pry under each wire tab to release the wire from the box. Suggest you search You Tube for a video on replacing this box.