Pre-tint window problems

Hi everyone, I'm new to posting so my apologies if I mess up.

So I got my new 2017 mustang (it came with pre-tinted Windows) last August, I guess because it was my first car and I did not look extremely closely at the car. I began to notice, (can only see it in the morning before 10), little bubbles on all windows and windshields. Before I forget my car has every type of warranty available.

Fast forward 6 months, I decided to take my car to a ford dealership and tell them about my issue with those bubbles. I tell him it was put on their by the factory who produced the car. He tells me NONE of my warranties will cover my window tint problem.

I don't know a whole lot about their policies, but aren't they liable for the window tint problem? It just seems strange that they would put pre-tinted Windows on a car and not cover it should the tint mess up. Below are some pictures of the back windshield.

Thanks for any help!


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Those lighter colored blemishes all through the window; are not bubbles.
It's a result of heat from the dyed glass. Factory tint is a basically dye put in
the glass, not a film, and it's called privacy glass. They have those light colored
blemishes all through the glass, mine does too, and my Volkswagen.

THIS is bad tint film:

If there is a tint film on the window, that's not factory.
Sorry for the delay, thank you for the reply. So can those blemishes be corrected? And warranties still wouldn't cover them? Lastly, if they can be corrected who would I take it to, the ford dealership?

Sorry for so many questions, the ford dealership I have here has been very uncooperative on many occasions to all of my family members who own fords. Just want to find a solution so I can move on and enjoy my ride.
Again thank you!


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It can't be "corrected" the window would need replaced. It's what
happens when the glass is tempered. You shouldn't be able to see
that from inside the car, only outside. Look at other cars, you'll see
the same thing; from tons of small ones, to the larger ones.. My
'15 TSI has them too, they're a lot smaller, and tons more of them.
Can only see that from the outside.

For what it's worth, you would be better of covering it with the louver panel.