Problems associated with wsapping stock wheels to 2014 18" GT wheels?


Profile Violation
You did not say what the tire is on those rims. If the overall size is the same
you won't have issues. If they are taller, then you may. I have never EVER
had to get steering stops to accommodate larger rims, you just use a lower
profile tire.

Does not matter what yours came with, if it had 18 or 19, you just get
a thinner tire, that's why it clears. They don't do anything mechanically
to the car with larger rims on it from the factory, they use a lower profile

David Young

5th Mustang
It is 'recommended' to install the steering rack stops on 2011-2014 v6 Mustangs 'if' your Mustang came with the 17 inch wheels.


Profile Violation
IF you go from 17" to 18" but use a lower profile tire that keeps the same diameter,
why would you have to get steering stops? Even if the rim is .5" thicker, the knuckle
with the brakes and all, turn with the tire. You only need to use steering stops if
you over-size the tire, and even then, one size up won't require it. It's just an
expense that is not required unless you want to go with tall tires on the larger
rims. To each his own, do what you want, but don't waste money.