Procharged 3.8 Going lean on light acceleration

Hey guys, new poster here,
I'm about ready to send this poor soul to the scrapyard. I've been through 2 tuners who both have run into the same issue.
2001 Mustang, Procharged 3.8, has a BA2600 MAF in a blow through setup with the bypass valve venting to atmosphere.
the car runs and tunes beautifully, except for a "sweet spot" at low speed taking off from a stop. It goes deathly lean, so lean that it just shows - - - on the Wideband and reads 19+ on the datalog, it boggs, for a few seconds then catches itself like nothing happened.
no amount of adjustments or tuning fixes this. It never goes away.
I have done:
Checking for vacuum leaks (used a smoke tester, no leaks found).
Many many many retunes and adjustments replaced IAC
adjusted the BOV
Adjusted the MAF so that the sensor is on the long radius of the bend to reduce turbulent air.

So far none of this has fixed it. Adjusting the MAF helped slightly, but it is still happening.

I have no idea what to do or try next and as it sits the car is great minus that issue but it's practically undriveable in town when it's like this.

I've heard the newer slot style maf's are more reliable/tunable, is that true? What's worked for you?

Please just help me, this car has been in tuning hell for 2 years now of just back and forth messing around adjusting things and I'm just sick of it.
Thanks in advance


2004 Mustang Cobra
You need to get that thing on a Dyno to be tuned by someone in-shop if you haven’t already. What fuel injectors are you running? I was told the factory ones were not good enough for boost when I had a Supercharged V6.


What are you running CCAQA? Sounds like you need accelerator pump action. Have them cut your manifold volume in 1/2 that will richen up Tip In. What are you using for tuning? I switched to CZAWO it seems to deal with transient fuel better then the mustang V6 computers.