Project: LGM (Little Green Monster)


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Bought this car in 07 and have slowly been modding it to the point it has gotten to know. I am currently building the second race engine as the last one was not healthy. I have gone from turbo to m112 to turbo again.

build list:

Ford Racing short shifter
Hurst "T" shift knob
Mach1 Tweeter pods
Mach1 back deck panel
01 Center console
Boost Gauge
fuel pressure Gauge
Wide band
steering wheel gauge pod
cobra a pillars
black/charcoal Interior conversion
air bag delete
4 point roll cage
5 point race harness's
Corbeau CR1 race seats


01-04 gt side scoops
Saleen race wing
4.5" Kaenen cowl hood
4.2L badges
8" shorty antenna
mach 1 rims
Black headlights
03-04 Cobra Front Bumper
+ Chin spoiler
+ fogs
sequential tail lights
rear blackout panel


Roush Lowering Springs (rear)
Monroe struts
steeda rear sway Bar
Cobra Brake conversion (front)
MM Caster camber kits
Steeda bumpsteer kit
QA1 Tubular K member
QA1 tubular A arms
QA1 fully adjustable coil overs


Battery relocation kit
oem coil pack
oem replacement spark plug Wires
8.8 rear end swap
live wire tuned
Slot style m.a.f
Turbo setup
60# injectors
Power Steering delete
a/c delete
Cobra fuel hat conversion with wire upgrade
2x 255lph Walbro fuel pumps

Engine build specs:
Ross Forged 4.2 pistons .030
Forged connecting rods
4.2 Crank
stage 2 heads by hiposilver
windstar lower intake manifold
arp head studs
1.7 roller rockers
'94 roller lifters

Turbo Kit:
custom kit
Blitz SS BOV
Tial 38mm wastegate


The Picture I never took the first build, Me standing in the empty engine bay.
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Well the block is at the machine shop getting bored to match the new pistons, getting magnafluxed, new cam bearings/cap and the crank is getting checked out. I picked me up a windstar lower from the later models and am going to use that with deleted IRMC's and EGR. So for the next week or 2 I am sitting on a pile of gaskets waiting for it to get back to start the build.

PS: I also upped the boost to 13psi in the wastegate. :)

I have been working on my windstar lower and along with cleaning and removing the irmc's I started the removal of the upper egr valley.

before cutting:

After cutting:

The irmc's removed:
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It has been vmp so far as Justin is down the road. Not sure if I will go this time, May do it myself with a buddy who works at sct.


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Nice looking car man nice job. I like how with the hood you don't have to f with the IAC like the rest of us with the windstar haha. Looks mean


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Yea I used to have the 3" cowl from kaenen and it was still to low for me so I stopped by there shop and picked that one up... just need to paint it.


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It has been vmp so far as Justin is down the road. Not sure if I will go this time, May do it myself with a buddy who works at sct.

sct sucks for tuning. It will do the same as all others but is very inconvienant when you have to shut the car down to reflash the pcm. I'm thinking about selling my proracer and go be.


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That looks crazy and would be very very cool. I really like the idea of only having six runners for splitport heads.

On edit. Would it be better to have a common plenum rather than a wrap around to individual runners. I figure the less bends the better for airflow.
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The 2 layer is for equalized pressures and also a "hiding" place for the vacuum lines.

Also the six runners are for matching my lower but I can always adapt for a normal mustang lower.
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very cool, i too would make it with that plenum feeding all 6 cylinders in parallel rather than in series like you have.


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engine block is back from the shop and will be starting assembly tomorrow. For now most of the short block will sit until I have cash.


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well I seem to keep having issues, first it was my 1st compression rings on the ross pistons were special so had to order them. Now it seems they are special again, went to install and the connecting rods bearings are a bit off but the caps are fine... x_X