Question for Convertible owners regarding the boot...


I'm new to owning a Mustang convertible, and I'm getting ready to take my 1998 on a weekend car show/road trip. My question is, how to you take the boot with you? I "thought" it would fit in the trunk, when that didn't work I thought I could put it in the back seat and that didn't look promising either. So were do you put the boot when you want to bring it with you, but you're driving with the top up???


With the top up and behind the rear seat on each side there are two small openings in the fabric with a flap and velcro strips holding the flaps closed. There is what looks like metal levers there but I cannot move them. I was thinking they may secure the seat in an upright position but not being able to move them I don't know what their purpose is. Wish the seat back did fold down.

Pete fender

Pete Fender
I have had three convertibles over the years, and the factory boot covers all folded up.
Maybe the previous
owner of your car bought an aftermarket hard boot cover?
Otherwise, it should just fold up and be placed in a vinyl bag and stowed in the trunk.