Rear end bang while turning

Justice Brown

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I have a 1999 v6 5 speed and i have had this recent banging noise coming from what has to be my differential. The other night i let my buddy drive my car and we were taking a right turn from a complete stop, he took it hard and i heard a faint bang come from my rear end. This thing has always taken hard corners pretty well and i’ve never really had an issue but this must have been the last straw.

I’ve also noticed a few months ago that my axles have some extreme in and out play, the drivers side has at least a good 1/2-3/4 inchof play and the passenger side has maybe 1/2 inch of play. I also noticed the passenger side axle is leaking a bit, i should have enough diff fluid since i serviced it a few months ago.

Every time i take a left turn or drive with the wheel turned to the left it starts to make this awful mechanical bang and the car hiccups, when it’s turned to the left, not as often or rarely ever does it do that. After taking the turn and driving straight it will correct itself and go back to feeling normal after a few hiccups from the rear end. I have felt the passenger side wheel lock up a bit when turning from a very low speed, and pop right back into movement. I’ve checked all my calipers and they all function properly. My next guess would be the c clips inside my differential which i am going to take a look at tomorrow.

I don’t know if anybody has come across this issue in any other vehicle or has any idea of what could be the issue. Anything is appreciated and i can get some pictures and videos of needed, thanks.

Phil II

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Sounds like something terrible happened to the c clips or your differential. Drain the oil and pop the cover. If you see carnage inside an 8.8 swap might make sense.