Red Stripe Beer


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Yeah I've tried it, and do like it. While I was in Antigua (which isn't too far from Jamaica) it was everywhere. Every room, every bar / restaurant, literally... everywhere.


I have yet to try it. Might have to buy some tomorrow and take it with me when I go see the lil lady.
what kinda beer is it? strong or light taste? sweet or no?
it's a lager, which doesn't really say too much about the taste since there can be a lot of variation but i hear it is good.


I'd pee in her butt!
yeah I dont know the REAL terminology =P I dont drink much. It sounds like my kinda beer then. I also like fosters and kirin ichiban.


more bitter by the day
A slightly stronger tasting budweiser. At least, that's what I remember it being. It's been a couple years since I've had it. Not terrible, but definitely not awesome.