Removing top bellhousing bolts


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10 years ago, I changed the clutch on my mustang. I'm planning to do it again soon, and I really hope to get it done in a single weekend. I remember that the top bellhousing bolts were really hard to get to last time. I'd like to buy tools ahead of time that will help removing them. I have a U-joint socket and some extensions.

However, I've read that a flex socket works better than the U-join adapter. Does anyone know the size flex socket that works for a 99 3.8 mustang?

This thread says 13mm, but I think it's for 4.6l cars: I can't remove the top transmission bolt, please help! - Ford Mustang Forum
"What I have used is a 13mm "flex" socket and two LONG extensions. Use long extensions instead of multiple short ones tied together (less flop).

The flex socket works better than a u-joint because it takes up less space and will set straight on the bolt without walking off."



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Bell housing to block bolts are 13mm, and if you are working on the T-5, the transmission to bell bolts are 15mm. You could remove the 4 trans to bell bolts, and remove the transmission that way. It will make getting to the upper bell to block bolts easier. I use a 13mm with a swivel, and a few different extensions. With the proper motivation you could have the transmission out in about an hour and a 1/2 or less.


Agree with douglass. I leave bell housing on the block and yank the transmission (one of those bolts will require several 6" extensions and a swivel, at least for me it did. Think passenger side.) I find the removal is easy, but I always have quite a time installing the transmission. Had to have the clutch pushed in, a series of calculated wiggling, and a helper to pull transmission toward front and raise/lower/shimmy tailshaft. Careful not to hit the clutch before your input shaft is close to being installed, I save that trick for last.


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Thanks for the info! It took me 2 full days, but I have everything out except the pilot bearing.

Now, I'm on the fence about whether I should replace my transmission's bearing retainer sleeve. I think it's fine, but I'd appreciate a 2nd opinion. I can feel with my fingernail a very small groove between the worn (silver) and non-worn (grey) surfaces. My new throwout bearing slides easily on it. (My car is a 99' w/ 130k miles).

I also think it'd be good to replace the top two bellhousing bolts. The heads are starting to round. I guess I'll give the local ford dealership a call; the only replacement I see online is $35 and includes more bolts than I need. I'm guessing it's not a good idea to match the bolt size from a hardware store...


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as long as they are high grade (10) bolts, you can get them from hardware store. just make sure they're the same thread pitch, length, etc... 2 days to get it out?! damn, were you drinking and partying the process? whole clutch job, should take a day if you're doing it at home in the driveway, 3/5hrs in you're in a well equiped shop and know what you're doing. I don't mean to bash... But anyway, what was it that gave you a hard time, there's plenty of guys on here who could give you some pointers to make life easier for you.

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Metric class 8.8 or 10.9 flange head bolts would be a good substitute for the oem bellhousing bolts.