RIP Macho Man Randy Savage


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I was a bigger fan of him more than Hogan. The story with him, Mrs. Elizabeth and George the Animal Steele was the greatest.

R.I.P. Macho


This really sucked to hear. One of the rare guys who made it out of the industry without huge drug issues and not crippled. The man was a legend...


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took the rest of the day off work after i heard.

My condolences. .

Pour one for the homie tonight.



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Memphis wrestling was the beginning of the national brand. Most of the stars came through here in the early-mid 80's. Continental Wrestling Association.

Here is Randy's first TV appearance:

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Will snap one for the man later tonight, used to be soo awesome watching him, his interviews were always hilarious.


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1 day early rapture... that mother****er! God just needed some muscle at the gates for when the niggers show up