RITTJ: Most Embarassing Artist/Album/Song on your MP3 Player


Ill go first to set the bar:

Artist: Lily Allen
Album: Lily Allen: "Its Not Me Its You"
Song: "*** Hag" by Lily Allen

The whole CD is great and its really the only pop album that I can say I enjoy. No one I know other than my wife knows about this **** ever even gracing my BT ears.

Your turn.


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Paramore: Decode.

I like it, but get embarrased when someone else is around.

And no, I dont like it cause it was in that stupid sparkling 'vampire' movie.


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Lily Allen is actually pretty good in my book. Scrolling through my play list now to find mine.


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Artist: New Kids On The Block
Album: Hangin' Tough
Song: Hangin' Tough

Added to my iPod as part of an 80's compilation including other gems from Madonna, Milli Vanilli and other such faggotry.


Go Slow
Artist: Nickelback
Song: This is how you remind me

One night after I had been drinking I put Nickelback on my ipod and got every song but this one off.


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Artist: Wham

Song: Wake me up before you go-go!

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****, I wouldn't get embarrassed if anybody saw some of my songs. **** what anyone else thinks. But to play along anyway:

Song: Disco Duck
Artist: Rick Dees and His Cast of Idiots

**** is off the chain. god dammit, I should have been around during the 70's. I know I was meant to be a disco dancer. John Travolta style. True story.

Song: Jessie's Girl
Artist: Rick Springfield

Song: Don't you forget about me
Artist: Simple Minds

Breakfast Club FTW. More specifically, Molly Ringwald (uhh, at that time) FTW.

Song: Do the Hustle
Artist: Van McCoy


Those people new how to dress.


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I put a lot of lame music on my iPod specifically to annoy other people. I'm fairly infamous for constantly playing teen pop around my friends.


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Lady GaGa
Just dance (I think that's what it is called)

I have to ask, what does RITTJ stand for?