Roush A.B. or Borla Atak a.b? which has less drone?

Discussion in '2015 V6 Mustang' started by jpdots, Sep 14, 2017.

which has less drone? borla atak or roush? (axlebacks)

  1. roush

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  2. borla atak

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  1. jpdots New Member

    Sep 14, 2017
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    hi! need a big help in this big decision that I'm gonna do. I'm done with the looks of my mustang and moving forward to next level. Planning to change my exhaust but I'm having a hard time deciding which to buy. I really love the roush sound but I've red a lot that it really has drones and some says its has loud drones. Now thinking of just getting borla cause they say it has no/little drone.
    What do you guys think? btw my mustang is my everyday car thats why I'm really afraid of getting drones that will ruin my day. I dont want to end up buying and just wasting my money. please help anyone who got roush and borla axle backs. thanks!