is back!
****...it's Sunday!:eek: That's right girls and boys, now Sunday has it's own thread of the day.

I'm watching the packers/giants game. What are y'all doing?:thumbup:


Just finished cleaning out the closet and the drawers in my desk! Off to the freinds house to lower his 'stang with those Eibachs I bought last year.


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about the watch the game too just got off work standing 8 hours so i want to sit and drink a beer! :thumbup:


the rippin and the tearin
about to sleep. jet lag ftl. but i'm going to dinner with a girl this thurs that i met at the bus station in lyon :thumbup:


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watching the packers game at the moment. if the pats play in the sb the way they did today, i think they may lose. i hate sunday, just means i have to go back to this job thats already getting on my effin nerves


Oh herrow!
I hate Sundays. It means I have to go to bed at 8, and I have to work at my shitty job tomorrow. Just ****ing depressing :disgust: :thumbdown: