Scavanger Hunt Photo Contest


I have it
1. picture of you infront of your car shaking hands with a cop in uniform
2. picture of your v6 mustang next to a gt or cobra of same color.
3. picture of you with your hand in the biggest muffler you can find
4. picture of your car infront of some monument either national or city.
5. picture of your car next to the most expensive car you can find.
6. picture of your car inbetween 2 ricers.
7. picture of your car with a hot chick on the hood.
8. picture of your car at a ricers meeting(need to have atleast 6 imports in the pic along with your car.)
9. picture of your car and a the biggest gun you can find.
10. picture of your car at a funford weekend event or other all ford event. (needs to be infront of the side.)
11. picture of your car over looking alot of land.(such as on top of a mountain or in and open plain.)
12. picture of your car with the american flag, your state flag and a military flag.(car can be parked next to three flag poles as long as the flags meet the reguirments.)
So far this is all I have got any more would be neat.


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jricky917 said:
I've been working on getting #7 for years it seems...blah, no fun these girls are I know

i always thought a girl in a bikini standing halfway out of the sunroof while I'm doing a burnout would have been a cool shot. :wink: too bad i didnt think of it until after i had it up for sale. doh.


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I have some idea's for things to find incase anyone needs some.
1.You teaching a kid the love of mustangs.
2. A mustang up in the rear wheels.
3. A pretty woman driving your mustang .
4. You sending me parts for mine lol


Hi Guys!
Nice try with number 4! :D

I think I have some stock 95 springs around here somewhere.. maybe some other useless crap too... :D


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Scavanger Hunt


Why not have one with a burn out in front of a police car....I've got one...


Hi Guys!
To make the playing field even, it had been discussed that somehow a paper saying "" would have to be somewhere in the pic. That way you couldn't reuse the same pic. :(