Seem to have a little bit of a problem...

Samuel Barton

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Got a p0340 code on a 98 mustang I just bought. Thought.. "hey no problem I'll just throw in a new sensor and voila", but then I saw this when taking off the old sensor and now I've realized the synchronizor is destroyed. Is there any way to re align this without taking it to an actual mechanic?
all the broken pieces of metal and dust from it grinding around in there.

6 Shooter

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Yes--first pull out the entire sensor. Then, remove all sparkplugs. on the front cylinder, passenger side, rotate the crank into the compression stroke where the piston is at the top (maybe using a screw driver in the spark plug hole to gently feel the top). Then, install the new shaft to where with the the open window is located at the 7 o'clock position and the rotating center shaft with standing up tab is located into the center of that window.

There will be a bolt and flat washer clamping down the the sensor that must be removed in order to pull the sensor up and out of the block.