Selling 4.3l V6 and more


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Professionally build 4.3l engine (see pics) -$3800 OBO

The build list is as follows:
F150 crank w/ forged rods and forged pistons
10.2:1 compression
Stage 3 ported heads
SSM oversized valves
ARP head studs
Comp Cams roller rockers
918 beehive springs
Hardened pushrods
.554/.554 supercharger cam
MSD coil pack w/ new-ish wires
MAC longtube headers
Stock intakes
Custom fuel rail (built by Phil)
EGR deleted
New 200 amp alternator

No oil leaks, new fel-pro head gaskets and ARP studs. Will include the ECU (pats is disabled), $200 for the SCT X4 or trade for a unlocked one.

The engine has been very well taken care of, 99% of miles are highway, and is tuned by VMP. According to Mike (who tuned it), even with the stock intakes the engine is pulling in more air through the MAF than some procharged V6's. See pics for virtual dyno results.

Has literally only seen 3 hours of track time (total).

Used ARP hardware where possible.

For most of the engines life, it's been pre-oiled before starting the engine with an accusump. It has also had a catch can for most of its life.
Always ran cool due to a mishimoto oil cooler and a 3-core radiator (not included).

Great compression test
1. 196
2. 193
3. 199
4. 190
5. 189
6. 187

Got an oil analysis done by Blackstone Labs, everything came back great.
Only downside, there were a few iron flakes (extremely thin) found on the magnetic drain plug and filter. I had them analyzed by blackstone labs and they were determined to be iron. Speaking with people on this page, it's believed they're from the camshaft thrust plate. Would be a great upgrade to use the SSM camshaft thrust bearing.

Reason for selling, I want to get out of the engine while it's healthy and move into something bigger for road racing.

Extras I'm selling:
VMP slot style maf tube and 2007 mustang sensor
Procharger (p1sc) rebuilt by 928 Motorsports and comes with a 6-rib 3" sur-grip coated pulley should make high 400's/low 500's at the wheels. All the piping - $1200
Brand new Mishimoto r-line intercooler - $250
Upgraded T56 w/ MGW shifter, bellhousing, Aluminum flywheel, Spec stage 3 clutch, and IRS driveshaft - $2800
Custom catless h-pipe for MAC longtube headers - $200

The engine is still installed so I can provide logs/etc if you'd like. I'm in gilbert so local pickup is preferred, but I'm not against shipping.


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