Selling my 1996 4.2 swapped mustang


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I decided it is time to sell my car. I have it posted on a local utah classified ad. Here is the link.

Here is the explanation of what I've done to the car. I posted on here my entire build when I swapped in the 4.2.

1996 Ford Mustang v6 heavily modified
Things that have been done, Rebuilt 4.2 swapped in at 210,000 miles, Mild cam installed during rebuild, Split ports swap performed when 4.2 installed, Strut tower brace installed, Caster camber plates, Adjustable struts and shocks, Front end of car rebuilt with moog components and neoprene bushings, Car lowered 2-3 inches , New clutch installed, Rear tubular control arms, 8.8 rear axle swapped in from a 97 GT has a posi and 3.25 gears, Correct speedo gear installed in the trans, Brakes have been gone through, worn parts have been replaced, Park brake cables have been replaced, Water pump and power steering pump has been replaced., 1997 GT leather seats have been installed with, 2004 head rests, 2004 rear seat, Center console in really good shape has been installed., Leather steering wheel installed.
What I know needs to be repaired and what my plans were.
It has a slight oil leak from bottom edge of the timing cover. The rack and pinion needs new dust boots. I snagged the muffler on my driveway back in August and tore it off. It will need a new exhaust. My plan was to use a magniflow GT cat back exhaust I have. Buy a set of long tube headers and high flow cats to use with the magnaflow exhaust. I will include the dual exhaust with the sell of the car. It really could use a tune after the exhaust is installed. I had to install 17# injectors to get it to pass emissions. It really could use 21# or higher injectors. Bama and SCT both sell tuners. I talked to them and one of them said they could write me a custom tune with the provided specs. It does throw a check engine code. When the emissions are due I would clear the code, keep the AC off and drive it for around 5 miles. With it being an early OBD 2 it can have 2 not readies. A tune would fix this issue. The AC has to be recharged every year. It has a slight leak. Once it is recharged ir works great.This has been a really fun car and I've enjoyed it for the last 4 years. I've lost interest it so it is time to move on. My goal was to get better that factory GT numbers out of a V6 and still get 22-25 mpg.
Give me a call if you have any questions. Make me an offer I can't refuse.