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Michael Moore is a homeless looking douchewaffle. But his docs are interesting.


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I'm hijacking this mother****er to tell you that your computer setup is slick as hell looking:cool:

That's my "micro studio" i'm just a poser.. it looks clean because its missing a lot of equipment.. and my laptop is never kept there...

in that picture I have my real desktop computer behind me...
I took the picture for another forum and thought it looked sweet...

Back on topic.. Micheal Moore does make an entertaining movie... Especially his older ones about the Detroit car industry.. like Roger and Me

I wish he did other none government related topics.. like the porn industry or drug and music industry... etc..


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i'm not a huge Michael Moore fan, but i do find his documentaries interesting and he does a good job putting them together for the most part even though they usually are biased.


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This should be interesting, I am sure it is biased, but it will also bring up some good points and issues that need to be pondered and fixed.

It would seem that he is trying to promote universal health care.


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This is apparently his least controversial film to date and an independent review of his facts finds them mostly spot-on.

Apparently everyone agrees our healthcare system is ****ed but none of our wonderful elected officials are willing to do anything about it because the insurance companies bought them all with their record profits.


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Aren't you Canadian? Did you cry for us?

edit: I haven't seen this movie yet, but I'm assuming there was a fair amount of US vs Canada

theres no vrs.

they just show what happens when people get sick and go to hospitals in the US, and what happens in other countries

everyone just laughs at him when he asks how much their hospital bills are