Single turbo build


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Check your in cabin fuses! Had an issue similar to this turned out to be a fuses believe it is fuses 2.2 and 2.8. One is labeled radio but ties in to the anti theft.


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Hey guys figured i should update you guys on the mustang chronicles saga continuation...

In the midst of my troubles trying to solve the anti theft issue.

I purchased a mustang that 6shooter had built
The car is a red 2003 coupe with a 4.3 stroker v6 all motor 290 hp

The car when i bought it was gutted no interior only a rollcage no rearview mirrors no mufflers only long tube headers ect

These past couple days ive been working really hard trying to get the car acceptable for street use..

The turbo kit will be put on as soon as i feel ive had my fill of the all motor rawness and im ready for the uber sweet feeling of boost!

Pics otw


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That didn't take long lol. I rolled with the stock motor and boost for a few years before I built an engine.

Lol i really didnt plan for it all.. but phil presented me with an opportunity that i strongly felt at the time was too good to pass up and now that i have it im very glad that i did..

Everything from 6shooter including this car is so meticulously well done its been such a positive experience from the beginning

Ive been driving the car all motor for a couple days now..
I installed the headers myself and there is a tiny leak where i left it with one bolt on one of the runners.. i was gonna get it leak free after i drove it and confirmed the leak but im already getting hungry for more power so in not too long i will be installing the tma andy turbo kit that i bought from turbang6

Going to be relatively slow from here on out because i dont like my living situation any more (renting a room with a coworker) and its time for me to bite the bullet and get my own place already
Im sick of being half in half out all the time..

Heres my return fuel system install youtube video

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What are the specs on the new motor? I watched some of the video, brings back memories lol

Thanks for watching! It was the first video so the next will be great. And then well put them all together hit it with some super cool video editing and sell it for the low and make mad dough ..jk have it to enjoy wen im old and not able anymore i suppose..

236/242 .55/.57 114
Comp cam

1.7 stud mount roller rockers

Wiseco forged pistons 3.845 bore
1.225 CH, - 4cc

Compression ratio 10.5.1

Flows 274 cfm @ 28" intake.
205 cfm @ 28" exhaust.

1.940 intake valve heads
1.530 exhaust valve heads
.314 valve stems

Rocker arm bosses have 7/16- 14 stud
1/2 head studs

Billet caps

4 bolt mains


Cyrogenically frozen block pistons crank heads and clutch plate
Polydyn ceramic coated piston skirts and tops with valve relief
HsGold ceramic coated valve faces valve backsides and exhaust ports

And thats just the engine dont even get me started with the rest of the car its really nice


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Holy cow! That's a lot of motor for a puny 60mm turbo lol. Are you going to leave it as is and run that little turbo?


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Holy cow! That's a lot of motor for a puny 60mm turbo lol. Are you going to leave it as is and run that little turbo?

Yea ima run the used precision i got from turbang6 that goes with the kit at first because it should be just a bolt on procedure
The boost is gonna hit really hard with that little turbo lol
Then ill put my brand new borgwarner on there and let the gears run out

Alittle update:
I decided i dont like the coupe after all...
Im going to strip the white car completely and do it right this time...
My plan is to strip it down to bare unibody dash everything except for the steering column and suspension so i can move it around... next im going to weld every seam on the car weld the steeda subframe chassis supports a full rollcage that fits under the convertible a couple extra chassis stiffining bars and plates here and there
Put all my exterior appearence enhancers on lol (lip side skirts ect)
Then Send it to get painted pearl white

Then install all my new goodies from the race car onto the convertible

Install dash door panels Megasquirt and 2 seats and call it a day


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Cool video that's some bad luck on that injector leak.

Hey! Thanks for watching!.. it was no big deal really.. had some o rings from the other car, got it back in and working properly in no time! ..just stopped filming

But hey! stay tuned! were gonna do a full build from the ground up! filming everystep of the way!. gonna make a movie!! You guys will be the first to watch it.. its so exciting!!

Love your build btw it inspired me for sure


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Just signed the lease on my new shop!!
Gonna prep the shop before i bring the the cars in..
Paint walls, hang cabinets/shelving install bright lights alarm coat the floor everything white like a hospital so nothing gets lost
Cant wait to get started!!

Also i bought a go pro with a headstrap so i can film the entire build
...but really i wanted to film the teardown in great detail especially since i will be dealing with the dash and i want full documentation of everything i do so i can always go back and review the footage to know how everything goes back together when i forget 2 or 3 months later it will take to install rollcage and have car painted

This time i will buy tupperware containers and baggies everything will be labeled and put away in an organized fasion color coded numerically stored in cabinets in the order in which it came out and every single move i make will captured on camera so i can watch the video to find the part. hopefully this time it will be practically impossible to loose bolts or parts and forget how anything goes

Pics soon! Its beginning! Hang on to your britches!

Spdricer is back!


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Just wanted to clarify here that i found the problem with the pats light and no start

.....i forgot to plug the main engine harness plug back in after messing with it lol that was all it was lol


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Wanted to bump my thread and let u guys know the turbo build is coming soon so got most of my electrical gremlins under control feeling confident that this next couple of days will prove the race motor not only starting and running but even driving and making power ..we will see!


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3 years later I am now finally installing the Turbo kit! So far what I have done is the exhaust manifold are in permanently. I'm very happy with the way they look and feel like they sealed. I purchased new studs and they came with new nuts and I installed the studs one at a time before putting the bulky manifolds in the way and it allowed me to perfect the installation and take my time and do it right so that is good! I used a new gasket from the auto parts store and this time I did not use any silicone I just made sure that the surfaces were clean and level. The next thing I had to do was getting the turbo oiling system set up. Because it is such a tight are, Getting the brass T fitting was first a pain, then the OEM sensor was another PITA, then the steel braided hose to the brass T was equally tight and stressful and knuckle hitting but I got that finished. Next I started on a Saturday morning by lifting the car extra high up. Then I loosened all the k member bolts and removed the motor mounts. Then I jacked up the motor just enough to carry the weight. Once the weight of the motor was safely on the Jack, i removed the kmember and took out the oil pan.. I went to install the oil pan from my kit that came with the a/n fitting for the oil drain already installed. But since my motor is built and the guy that I bought the kit from was not the pan didn't clear the 4 bolt mains. So I used plastic and gorilla tape to try to seal the bottom end from the elements the best I can and I took my old pan which was already modified to work with my motor to a welder to get the bung and a/n fitting installed I'm waiting for Saturday morning to put it all back together again, fill it with new oil, and put new filter. 6shooter let me borrow his oil primer so once it's full of oil I'll take out my cam position sensor and spin the oil pump until I see pressure on my gauge and oil in my turbo oil drain hose. Then I'll start it and check that oil is flowing through the turbo one more time before i install it permanently.. all the cold side piping is mocked up I just have to fabricate a way to hold it all to the car especially the intercooler.. I'm going to start that phase after oiling is complete. Also I need a silicone 45 degree coupling to mate the throttle body to the tube with the maf because I don't like the angle I have now. Little by little...


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Oh dang I didn't know you had a 4 bolt. How many guys on here have 4 bolt mains? You, 6 and myself Are the only ones I know of off hand.
It's what separates the boys from the men my friend! this thing is really built.. and if I do this right I can make some nice reliable power